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ECOFLO II Ultraviolet Unit

ECOFLO II Ultraviolet Unit
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UV Wiper
UV Wiper


Ecoflo II
The ECOFLO II is the latest, state-of-the-art UV treatment system. Our objective for the product was simple - to be the best on the market, no compromise. The ECOFLO II offers the flexibility of a horizontal or vertical installation application.


Utilizing our proven medium pressure lamp technology, the ECOFLO II type UV systems offer a high quality 'high specifications' product at a very competitive price. Suitable for all pools and whirlpools with flows from 560-7000 gpm and flange sizes from 6"-14'.


Treatment Chamber
The new ECOFLO II UV treatment chambers are designed for installation into the piping after the filters and heaters, but before any chemical dosing. Please refer to the ECOFLO II Units Technical Specifications document for dimensions and clearance requirements.


The UV chamber is manufactured from polished 316L stainless steel, with ANSI 150 RF flanges for easy installation. Temperature probes, UV monitor probes, and automatic quartz wipers are included.


A pressure rating for the unit is 150 psi, and pressure drop through the chamber is minimal.


Control System
The control system is located in a NEMA 12 (IP54) rated cabinet. (see picture)


As a standard, it is supplied with a 15' cable for connection to the treatment chamber. The power supply (PSU) and control cabinet is powered with the latest SPECTRA microprocessor control unit. Three levels of operation (simple control, full parameter display, and operator configuration) allow easy, uncomplicated operation of the unit by an operator. Included is a sophisticated password protected engineering section for integrating the unit with other system devices.


Auto power restart, pump and valve interfaces, process interrupt and low power overnight operation are all features specifically designed for use on swimming pools and waterparks.


The treatment chamber has been designed for the simplest installation into any pipe work system. The compact design allows existing facilities to be easily upgraded with minimum site work.




Designed for the ETS ECOFLO units, the new wiper system includes many unique features, making it a state-of-the-art wiper. (see picture)
Unique double seal and bearing housing for longer life, including food-grade-approved seal materials.
Fully enclosed housing to maintain NEMA (IP) ratings.
Wiper power supply @ 24 Volt DC for improved safety.
Belt drive with all pulleys and shafts square-machined to prevent slippage and pin shearing.
Direct shaft encoding for positional location; no need for external proximity switches and internally located magnets. No complex transfer gear boxes for limit switches.
Wiper interval operator selectable, with an optional override switch.

Ability to upgrade most systems with a retrofit wiper.




The new electronic control system features an automatic start-up/commissioning application. Operators do not need to position the wiper carriage. A very simple commissioning procedure records the wiper position at both ends of the chamber and establishes its travel run without the need to check stop positions and adjust limits accordingly. There is no risk of proxy faults causing wiper failure. The system also fully recovers from power dips and interruptions, with a permanent memory of wiper location and travel direction stored in it processor. The wiper can also report directly into the new SPECTRA control panel for fault reporting and data logging.




   ECOFLO II Unit Specification Sheet

   Spectra Control Panel

   Nova Control Panel

   CEM UV Installation Reference Letter



SP Ultraviolet Unit

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